The Big Picture

The course covers three big areas you need to master to become a sought-after podcast guest.

  • What Sets You Apart

    You're special and that's what will get you booked on podcasts. I'll walk you through how to craft your message, decide on your topics, and I'll give you a few juicy extras that will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • All the Techy Bits

    You will learn all the tech you need to know to show up and look like a pro. You need that reputation it's how you get warm introductions to top podcasts. And I'll teach you exactly what you need to know.

  • Convert Listeners to Leads

    You'll learn how leverage podguesting to gain authority, build relationships, and get leads. I'll show you what you can do to build that know, like & trust factor with listeners during your interview so thay are ready to continue a relationship with you and you can turn those listeners into leads.

  • Private Coaching

    In addition to the course, you (or your assistant or VA) will get 8 one-hour coaching sessions. I'll walk you through each main module, offer suggestions, and accountability.


  • Millette Jones

    Millette Jones

    Podcast Publicity Coach

    Hey! I'm Millette. I'm a podcast publicity coach and I can help you learn what it takes to be an EPIC guest on top podcasts. I am also the host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast where I interview successful coaches and entrepreneurs about how they built their business. (And I'll give you a hint: the majority of them point to podcast guesting as a key to their success!) I've been an online entrepreneur since 2012 so I know all about the struggles many people face trying to get a business off the ground. I believe podguesting is a publicity gold mine that's still virtually untapped. I hope you decide to jump into podcast interview marketing and I can't wait to work with you!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome, start here!
    • How to navigate this course
    • A message from the instructor
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Module #1 Your Opportunity
    • The Opportunity (7:04)
  • 3
    Module #2 Your Message
    • Overview of Module #2
    • Lesson #1 Topics (6:44)
    • Lesson #2 Message (10:08)
    • Lesson #3 Stories (12:39)
    • Wrapping Up & Homework (3:58)
    • Resource: Ideas for Topics
    • Resource: Ideas for your Message
    • Resource: Ideas for your Stories
  • 4
    Module #3 Your Gear
    • Overview of Module #3
    • Lesson #1 Podcasting Basics (5:19)
    • Lesson #2 Hardware (8:41)
    • Lesson #3 Software (4:19)
    • Lesson #4 Recording Environment (6:27)
    • Resource: Mic Comparison (12:05)
    • Resource: Checklist for a quiet recording environment
    • Resource: Audacity Tutorial 1 (4:18)
    • Resource: Audacity Tutorial 2- Recording (6:40)
    • Resource: Audacity Tutorial 3- Exporting (6:45)
    • Resource: Audacity Tutorial 4- Audio Clip Creation (13:50)
  • 5
    Module #4 Your Offers
    • Module #4 Overview
    • Lesson 1 What it is and isn't. (6:10)
    • Lesson 2 How many? (6:57)
    • Wrapping up & Homework (5:19)
    • Resource: Your offer
    • Resource: Ideas for offers
  • 6
    Module #5 Turning Listeners into Leads
    • Lesson 1 Listeners to leads (8:02)
    • Resource: MailerLite sign up tutorial (6:08)
    • Resource: MailerLite groups & forms tutorial (15:16)
    • Resource: MailerLite automation tutorial (9:56)
    • Resource: Creating password protected pages in WordPress (4:43)
    • Resource: Cloning WordPress pages (4:17)
  • 7
    Module #6 Your Pitch
    • Lesson 1 The pitch (14:16)
    • Lesson 2 Media page (5:19)
    • Lesson 3 One sheet (13:40)
    • Resource: Cold pitch example
    • Resource: Cold pitch example 2
    • Resource: One sheet
  • 8
    Module #7 Which Podcasts?
    • Lesson 1 Finding podcasts (11:31)
    • Lesson 2 Vetting podcasts (6:02)
    • Lesson 3 Cold or warm pitch (8:55)
    • Resource: Tracking podcast vetting and pitching
  • 9
    Module #8 Interview Prep
    • Lesson 1 Prepping (6:37)
    • Lesson 2 Interview day (5:03)
    • Lesson 3 Recording platforms (9:29)
    • Resource: Interview prep checklist
    • Resource: Positioning yourself as an expert
    • Resource: Skype set up tutorial (3:37)
    • Resource: Skype tutorial for interview day (5:15)
  • 10
    Module #9 Interview Day
    • Lesson 1 Rock the Mic (11:46)
  • 11
    Module #10 You're Live! Now What?
    • Lesson 1 AfterCasting (9:54)

What's the cost?

No long sales pages or tricky marketing psychology. You know if you vibe with me and if you like the look of the course.

Are you ready to be an EPIC guest?

Build your authority proof, become the go-to expert in your niche, get in front of new audiences.

Let's Get Started!


  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    There’s a 7 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can take a week to browse the content and jump on our initial coaching call to be sure we are a good match. If you feel the course is not for you simply email me at millette at millettejones dot com and let me know your reasoning and I’ll be glad to refund your money.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    There is about 6 hours of content but you will have some work to do on your own. I suggest you work through a module each week, which will have you through the course in 10 weeks. Of course you can work at your own pace but all 8 coaching calls must be scheduled within 6 months of your purchase or you forfeit any remaining.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access for the lifetime of the course, this includes any additional content I create for this course and any updates made to the course. Once you create your login credentials you can access the course any time.

  • Can I purchase the course for someone else, such as my assistant or a VA?

    Yes, you may purchase the course for someone else. Once you purchase the course simply email me and let me know the name of the person who will be attending the coaching sessions so there is no confusion. Be aware though, the course license is for one person only. If you wish to go through the course yourself and send your employees or freelancers through it you will need to purchase additional licenses. Contact me and we can discuss a multi-license discount.

  • What if I go through the course and then can’t get any interviews?

    You have 7 days to browse the content, if you feel you are unable to do the work necessary you can ask for a refund. However, if you complete the modules and the homework for each you should have no problem booking interviews. Even a beginner can book interviews as long as you have a message or story that you can share with an audience so that you bring value to the podcast. If you are still unsure, go to my website at millette jones dot com and book a free consultation with me, I’m happy to hear about your business and your background and give you my honest opinion on how “bookable” you are.

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